"An African Warrior" Series by Mark Stanton

I realise that any historical work of fiction is open to interpretation and I am sure there are far better qualified historians out there who will find fault in what has been written.

I know that the Zulu nation was not a true nation until later on in history and that the Bantu were probably only recognised as a tribe a little time before that, but for the sake of writing a story which allows for fluid transitions, I have taken liberties with the exact historical timelines.

Unfortunately, as there is no known written language from during this period, hard and true facts are difficult to come by, so again I acknowledge that there may be some conflicts in what has been included in this book.

It is a book with no allegiances or political bias; it is just a story about a time when Africa was master of its self, proven by the fact that there were civilisations well advanced in technologies, although their full impact seems to have been lost in the annuals of time although their imprint is still on the land of Zimbabwe, by way of numerous stone monuments, centuries after they pasted on and of course the legionary image of the Zimbabwe Bird.

By these admissions, I absolve myself of any claims but do apologies if I have caused any discontentment.

Mark Stanton