"An African Warrior" Series by Mark Stanton

An African Warrior is a triliogy consisting of "The City of Stone" and tells the story of a young man who is thrown into the horrors of war following an invasion of his lands by an ancient foe. He is forced to stand in defence of his people and with remarkable insight and leadership, he helps directs his nation to a final victory. The first book is full of the african wild with descriptive passages of the land and interesting facts about the african culture. 

ISBN-10: 1481989561
ISBN-13: 978-1481989565

The second book in the trilogy is "Hills of Stone", following on from the first book it introduces Arab slave traders and after the death of the nations King, the successor to the the throne has Zusa and Kuhuni thrown into slavery. A numer of events culmninate with the pair return via numerous adventures including surviving a ship wreck and meeting a new civilisation.


The final story is Hearts of Stone. The city of Nyazimba is growing faster than the surrounding enviroment is able to support, along with other problems caused by large populations the nation is struck by desease and numerous internal and external enemies.