"An African Warrior" Series by Mark Stanton

Born in Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom, I travelled as a nine year old with my family to what was then called Rhodesia in 1974, where I grew up in what became a changing multi-cultural environment. After Zimbabwean independence in 1980, I continued with my schooling, gaining a qualification in micro-electronic engineering, specialising in radio and telephone communications.

As a senior manager of a multinational company I was involved in many development programmes from supplying solar power and communications to rural clinics and installing equipment in some of the remotest locations in the region, leaving me with an incredible sense of fulfilment.

During this time I had the unparalleled privilege of travelling throughout Zimbabwe and the surrounding countries such as Mozambique, Lestho, Zambia and South Africa where I experienced firsthand much of that described in the publication. Other trips to the Middle East and East Africa helped complete the picture.

My broad exposure to this still beautiful country allowed me to live life to the full and this story had always been in my heart to write.

Married to Aggie, with our two girls, Stephanie and Makahila, we moved back to the United Kingdom in 2000 where I am now the owner of a telecommunications company; however I have travelled back to the African continent and the last time there, I stood on top of a kopje, over looking a beautiful bush veldt and I realised that no matter where I go in the world, the heartbeat of Africa will always be within me.