"An African Warrior" Series by Mark Stanton


"It is said that there is book in everyone."

Well, these are my stories, written over time on planes and trains and in hotels and resorts across the world whose international locations has lent flavour to many parts of the story. What better way that instead of imagining a scene, whether is was the open plains of Kenya, veldts and forests of Zimbabwe or the harsh sands of the Middle East, having it laid out before your very eyes, simply to put onto paper!

It has taken far longer to get the book into print then it did to write the work, it consists of over 110,000 words and is expected to be be almost 410 pages in length so it is something to get your teeth into.

I wrote the book simply as there was nothing like it on the market and as an avid reader and regular purchaser of fictional novels I would have gladly bought it, if I had seen it on the shelf of a book store.

The Context and setting of the trilogy:

In the interior of Southern Africa is an ancient metropolis, a City of Stone, built between the 11th and 14th century by the ancestry of the Bantu race who still live in the region. It is a large stone monument, spread over an area of five square kilometres which rivals even the mystical pyramids of Egypt, with many hundreds of lesser ruins cast through out the Southern African region, each within a days walk from the next.

There are many tales about how the city was built, and by whom, but the biggest mystery is that no human remains have been found so that the complex cannot be tied to an exact culture.

What is acknowledged is that whoever developed the site, were technically more advanced than the surrounding nations and their skill and craftmanship can still be seen today in a place known as Great Zimbabwe.